Sunday, October 7, 2012

Work Table Weekend

They are submitted and completely out of my hands for now!  :)  I have completed all FIVE state fair entries and took them over to the fairgrounds this afternoon.  I will be posting a picture a day of each project, so you can see all of the final pieces. 

We will be going over later this week after the judging and I will post any results at that time. 

First, one of my chicken egg entries.

This egg was originally supposed to be a pumpkin, but I could not find my orange paint and the mix I created up ended up making a beautiful copper hue.  I couldn't bring myself to paint over this gorgeous color, so I ended up crafting an acorn instead. 

This is one of those wonderful times when a mistake turns out better than the original idea. :)

After making the cap, I realized that there is no way the egg could stand on it's own.  So, I made an oak leaf in the transitional colors by marbling red and yellow clays.  After it was baked into shape, I went back with paint and carefully applied multiple layers to achieve the shimmering effect.

Yet, the leaf itself still did not have the weight to hold the acorn steady, so I created a second base for it, then covered it with simulated ground cover and grass. 

 Acorns and leaves are probably in the top list of my favorite things about Autumn. What are yours?