Sunday, October 12, 2014

State Fair Entries

It is that wonderful time of year!

The leaves are beginning to turn, the wind has turned chilly and shadows grow longer each day.

The State Fair is right around the corner and I'll be turning in my entries tomorrow!  I'm so excited to see all of the wonderful artists and get ready for the fabulously fried food that comes along with the state fair!

Here is a sneak peek of my entries:

Here, a baby alligator is taking his first peek at the large world around his nest.  He peeks out of his egg, deciding whether to venture out into the large world or stay hidden for a little while longer.

Thanks to a very good friend, I've had these wonderful cups for a project for several months now.  I'm still working out details for my ultimate project, but I wanted to do something fun for this entry!  So, I took glow-in-the dark clay and made a daisy, then complemented it with a lovely tulip.

Sometimes, I like to develop stories for my pieces.  This one, a hen lays a very unusually large egg, which garners a lot of attention from the local newspaper!  Here, Henrietta is sitting on top of her precious egg in her nest while a copy of the newspaper has blown up against the egg.

Autumn is one of my favorite seasons and I have wanted to tackle a leaf bowl ever since I made the acorn egg two years ago.  This is the result.  The leaves have gaps between them, allowing light to peek out from a tealight.