Monday, October 29, 2012

Belated Work Table Weekend

So, I've had an interesting weekend to the say the least.  My "smartphone" is now an expensive paperweight.  Thank goodness for DropBox, because otherwise, I would have lost over 1100 pictures  on my phone.

I have now downgraded to an older phone to get me through until I can renew my plan with AT&T.  The huge downside to having an HTC phone that suddenly has a hardware malfunction and is one month out of warranty with the manufacturer and two months away until I can renew my commitment plan. 

But, I digress!  The weekend was full of Halloween decorating, candy making planning and lots and lots of creating!  Yet, I failed to get any really good pictures.  Here are some older ones that I took as pieces were in progress...please forgive the poor quality and lighting.

A necklace that is composed of zebra stones, snowflake obsidian and assorted cut glass beads.  I actually changed this a few more times before I was really finished with it...I extended it by adding a few more detailed beads into the design and I added a magnetic clasp, rather than the barrel clasp.

A couple of pairs of earrings that I designed. One utilizing freshwater pearls and purple amethyst, along with a iridescent glass bead, while the other draws attention to the small charm with the black cut glass bead and red coral beads.

 I also had another fabulous mail day as my latest shipment arrived from Deb at CrysallisGEMS!

My betta also got a new home over the weekend.  I picked up some live plants and set up a larger, 5 gallon aquarium for him.  He would barely hold still long enough to snap a picture.

 The first apple pies of the season!  The apples were courtesy of someone from work and I could not wait to turn them into tasty pies. :)  

What did you do this weekend?

Also, for my readers along the Eastern Coast, please be safe as Sandy heads inland and do not take unnecessary risks.  I think we have lucked out here, except for showers and wind, but I wish you all a safe week and Happy Halloween!