Monday, October 15, 2012

Have you ever...

seen snails that are so adorable, that you want to snatch them up and take them home?  You haven't?  Then, obviously, you have not ventured to ColtPixy's Etsy shop or to her blog to see her latest work.

Here is one adorable little snail that steals my heart

At the moment, amazingly enough, he is the only snail listed in her shop.  This is because every time she posts a snail, it sells within minutes!  Twice, I went to buy a snail she listed and it was gone!  That is how amazing her sculptures are and how popular they have become.  She keeps herself very busy with custom orders.  Below are just a few of her amazing snails!

ColtPixy is working very hard to have several snails added to her shop next week in honor of her 100th snail that she has made.  She will be doing a giveaway on her blog, so definitely check it out as well as all of the new snails she will be surprising us with in her Etsy shop!