Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Work Table Wednesday

I have a lot of things on my work table right now!  The holidays are fast approaching and I find that I have a project every single evening for the next two and a half weeks, if I am going to stay ahead of the game and have everything done in time for the holiday parties.

My grandmother's birthday is this Sunday, so I sent her a package today containing some cute jigsaw puzzles, which she loves, as well as these goodies...

She is receiving a wall plaque I made out of polymer clay with pearlized powder, a beaded bookmark and two sets of earrings, including some gorgeous blue lace agate from CrysallisGEMS that I made into simple drop earrings.

Santa Cthulhus' are finished and drying with their shiny metallic sheen.  Maybe they should get candy cane staffs ;)

Our dog, Kallie, has not been amused by all of the frantic creating or holiday shopping.  She would rather take a nap.  So would I....she is a very smart doggie.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Vacation Creations

Just a teaser of some of the projects I worked on during my travels...

Did you find any fabulous deals on Black Friday or have fun creating something during the holiday? :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Packing for the holidays

If you have ever tried to pack up any of your craft/hobby/art supplies for a trip, then you can sympathize with how much of a hassle it can be.  Do I take this set of tools, or that one?  Should I take these beads to work with, along with my crochet...or should I just focus on one project?  What if I have a bunch of free time and wish I had brought X?  What if I don't work on anything at all and just dragged these supplies around for nothing??

Such was my dilemma at 1am this morning.  While a pumpkin cheesecake was cooling on the counter, I was rifling through my clay and trying to decide what projects I might want to work with, what was absolutely essential to take with me and what I realistically would have time for, if there is any time to spare.

Enter: My new organizer.  This is the one I was drooling over at Jerry's a few weeks ago and fortunately, I found one (the last one) in a store closer to me.  I had a coupon at the time, so I just went ahead and picked it up. 

Squee!  It makes me happy every time I look at it.  The handle is round and does not dig into your hand.  The lid has a flip open section for storing small items, such as tools or other essentials...*ahem*

Don't judge me.  In my line of work, I never get the opportunity to paint my nails, so I thought I would toss these in just in case I have "more time." :P

Open the lid completely and you have a great drop in tray that stores a LOT of clay, or anything else you would like, for that matter.  My tool case that my boyfriend gave me for my birthday this summer also fits nicely in there, so it's the perfect compartment.

The bottom is the standard, empty toolbox bottom.  I did not want the clay to react with the plastic, so I lined the bottom with tinfoil and using some spare foam, I cut it to size and wrapped it up as well, creating a divider.  I have shells, armatures and miscellaneous on one side and finished projects will rest on the other side.  In time, I think I will probably divide this into three compartments and maybe put a secondary shelf.  The box is deep enough to allow that.

This will be it's maiden voyage.  I'm curious to see how it holds up, if I'll actually use it and whether it will be a better stay at home storage tote or if it will be ideal for traveling.  I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!  Will you try to tackle a project or will you take it easy and focus on more...culinary projects? :D

Sunday, November 18, 2012

New Project

So, the last time my mom and I were together, she managed to show me some basic crocheting.  I have so many projects, it is hard to focus on just one for clay and jewelry comes first and when I can incorporate more than one hobby into a piece, I am overjoyed! :)  Hey, I like to multitask!

I have seen wire crochet for some time now and I've had the supplies for a couple of years, but just did not set aside time to play with it until this weekend.  Here are the results...two crooked, but kinda neat bracelets, at least for a first timer. ;)

I also spent some time today, reorganizing and setting up my supplies in some storage boxes I picked up a few weeks ago.  Next step is labeling them and I think I might build a window seat/storage cubbyhole to store my boxes/supplies.  That will be a big project for me!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Work Table Wednesday

Well, this cute little guy was on my worktable this past weekend...

Now, I am spending today, while trying to get rid of a really bad cold and migraine attack, how I am going to replace him.  See, I found out the hard way on Sunday evening that UV resin and glass do not necessarily mix. cute little betta...

is now encased in yellow resin in a cracked bowl.  I do not have a picture of is too depressing :P 

But, that is how it goes never know until you try!  I will be making another betta very soon and hopefully, I can figure out how to make him properly shine!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Work Table Wednesday

I was able to move forward with the next step of one of my projects, as well as start another hermit crab!

I now have three hermit crabs, patiently waiting on me to start painting.  I think they feel a bit naked, even with their shell ;)  The little creation below is also in the beginning stages...I am hoping it will turn out nicely.  You will have to check back to see how it progresses!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Work Table Weekend

Today, I spent time working with clay for the first time in a couple of weeks.  It was really nice to relax with my favorite medium.  I ended up reworking a hermit crab, finishing another one, as well as start the beginning of a new project attempt. :)  Here are the pictures of the works in progress.  The hermit crabs will be getting a coat of paint next, before incorporating accessories.  I did have to place a Santa hat on for the made me giggle too much.

 A friend and I explored Jerry's Art-a-rama yesterday and I picked up another jar of Pearl-Ex, along with two bottles of Lumiere paint that I cannot wait to try out.

We had so much fun exploring the art store and meeting individuals that do gorgeous work, including Sharon Payne of Jazztangled.  She had her boots on display, which won a 1st place ribbon at the State Fair and was demonstrating her amazing ability of Zentangle to customers of the store.

Property of Sharon Payne,

Sharon had beautiful patterns on display and we really enjoyed talking with her about her artwork.  She said it was a wonderful way to relax, even though the final piece appears to be very complicated.  I wish I was had brought my camera to take a couple of pictures, but here is an example of her work from her blog, which you should definitely check out!

Property of Sharon Payne,