Friday, March 29, 2013

Meet Easter Cthulhu...

 Meet Easter Cthulhu....the Easter Bunny's very distant, undersea cousin.

Easter Cthulhu also enjoys painting eggs and hiding them around as a wonderful surprise for the unsuspecting human.

Unfortunately, this little guy could not wait and hatched prematurely! Easter Cthulhu was surprised to have his beautiful work shattered by the impatient youngling...scattering decorated egg shells onto the ground and him!

It is alright, though...Easter Cthulhu has plenty of paint left and an unlimited source of eggs beneath the icy waves.  He doesn't mind starting over, because there will be plenty of time for hiding the eggs along the shoreline for unsuspecting children to find.

Who knows?  Maybe even you will find one of his delightful egg surprises!

In all seriousness, I had way too much fun creating this little guy! Everything just fell into place as I was working and I have to admit, he is probably my favorite little Cthulhu I have made so far.  :D  What do you think?