Monday, March 25, 2013

Hamlet Cthulhu

To be....or not to be....there is no question when it comes to Hamlet Cthulhu.  All that is, will not be and all that will be, is not.

Ok, so that's enough Shakespearean butchery from me for one day.  You might be asking, how in the world did you come up with a Hamlet Cthuhlu idea?

I will tell you; gather around the fire and sit a spell.  I was sculpting mini skulls awhile back, which you might remember.  The first one I made, well, it was too big for the miniatures and was cast aside for even smaller, more delicate skulls.  So, here I have this lone, rogue skull, rolling back and forth on my work tray.  He's all painted up, ready to go, but has no ~body~ to go with *insert drum solo for bad pun.*

Then, I look over and I have this little Cthulhu.  He's lonely.  All of his tentacle buddies have left for their new homes and he's just sitting me the sad, evil glare.  I look between the skull and Cthulhu...Cthulhu and the skull.

*insert cheesy romantic music*

Thus, Cthulhu got a new friend and Mr. Skully got a nice, supportive tentacle arm to hold him securely while he checks out the world.  Seems like the perfect match to me!  What do you think?