Sunday, April 7, 2013

Where does the time go...

It is amazing how time flies when life pulls you away from your favorite things!

So, I'm still working overtime on Cthulhus...lots of them.  This little guy was from last weekend, but he is joined by two more brothers.  All ready to be painted and accessorized!  

I went supply shopping yesterday, using a coupon at one of my favorite supply stores.  When I got home, I was all ready to do some creating, which Arkham was obviously going to supervise.  However, we ended up having an impromptu dinner and night out with friends...which to be honest, was much better for me!  The creativity was able to percolate and I have even more ideas than before.

Today, I went with a friend to our local fairgrounds for the weekly flea market.  They were also hosting a gem/mineral/fossil show in one of the buildings.  I was so excited to talk to vendors, get some great deals and find these awesome Megalodon teeth.  The one on the left will be for my dad's birthday in a couple of weeks.  The one on the right I am going to practice wire wrapping with and create a necklace for myself. :)

Lastly, my friend and I wandered into the yard sale section of the fairgrounds and I stumbled across this beautiful Lenox witch kitty!  Isn't she perfect?  I am absolutely in love with her...she has such a mischievous smile.  And yes, that is a vintage Tupperware cake storage container in the background   I found it for a $1!  I did a happy dance...I am not ashamed.  I love vintage Tupperware.  How did you spend your weekend?