Sunday, November 4, 2012

Work Table Weekend

Today, I spent time working with clay for the first time in a couple of weeks.  It was really nice to relax with my favorite medium.  I ended up reworking a hermit crab, finishing another one, as well as start the beginning of a new project attempt. :)  Here are the pictures of the works in progress.  The hermit crabs will be getting a coat of paint next, before incorporating accessories.  I did have to place a Santa hat on for the made me giggle too much.

 A friend and I explored Jerry's Art-a-rama yesterday and I picked up another jar of Pearl-Ex, along with two bottles of Lumiere paint that I cannot wait to try out.

We had so much fun exploring the art store and meeting individuals that do gorgeous work, including Sharon Payne of Jazztangled.  She had her boots on display, which won a 1st place ribbon at the State Fair and was demonstrating her amazing ability of Zentangle to customers of the store.

Property of Sharon Payne,

Sharon had beautiful patterns on display and we really enjoyed talking with her about her artwork.  She said it was a wonderful way to relax, even though the final piece appears to be very complicated.  I wish I was had brought my camera to take a couple of pictures, but here is an example of her work from her blog, which you should definitely check out!

Property of Sharon Payne,