Sunday, November 18, 2012

New Project

So, the last time my mom and I were together, she managed to show me some basic crocheting.  I have so many projects, it is hard to focus on just one for clay and jewelry comes first and when I can incorporate more than one hobby into a piece, I am overjoyed! :)  Hey, I like to multitask!

I have seen wire crochet for some time now and I've had the supplies for a couple of years, but just did not set aside time to play with it until this weekend.  Here are the results...two crooked, but kinda neat bracelets, at least for a first timer. ;)

I also spent some time today, reorganizing and setting up my supplies in some storage boxes I picked up a few weeks ago.  Next step is labeling them and I think I might build a window seat/storage cubbyhole to store my boxes/supplies.  That will be a big project for me!