Sunday, September 9, 2012

Work Table Weekend

I finally tackled my fear and began my resin pours tonight on my miniature koi pond.  I started around 7:30pm and finally finished at 1:00am this morning.  I took my time and let each layer cure a lot longer than is really necessary.

This was the pond on about it's third layer.  The koi are struggling to swim at this point in the shallow water.

Here, the pond is receiving it's final cure...I had lost count of the layers by this point, but I'm guessing close to a dozen or just shy.

The fish are completely submerged and happy in their new home, or at least, I like to think that they are.

The only part still partly above water is one of the plants from the bottom.  You might think that this project is finished, but nope!  I have more plans for this piece, which includes adding plants growing up among the rocks, as well as a little across the water to add to the three-dimensional effect.