Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Work Table Wednesday

So, the koi pond is progressing nicely!  I added some plants around the edges of the rock to add texture and depth to the piece.  Then, I sculpted some tiny lily pads, which I then painted, to adorn the surface of the water.  There is even a small lily blossom, but it is not a permanent fixture yet, so it might change once more.

Close up of koi playing peek-a-boo beneath the lily pads with his friends.

Yet, another angle.  I am hoping to get some really nice photos soon that can really show the detail, but I'm waiting for a good day with natural lighting.

And I finally started pouring the resin on my larger pond.  The koi are about halfway there on their swimming pool.  I even have some "plants" that will be sticking up out of the resin on this one to add a unique feature.  Both ponds will be getting a black-wash of paint to darken the stones before I deem them finished.