Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Work Table Wednesday

Happy Hump Day to you all!  I am definitely glad for the shorter work week, mainly because it is allergy season and mine have decided to wreck havoc once more.  I've been sick for the past three days with fever, sneezing, sore throat and all of the other joys of sinuses.

That being said, I have not stopped working on my fair project, but I am determined to finish this up soon because I have another three entries I want to get started on and I'm running out of time!

Both miniature koi ponds received an extra layer of stonework tonight...which might be hard to tell from last week's post, but they are new! I promise ;)

The biggest challenge was that I had already finished the ground and beginning stages of landscaping, so I did not want to bake this new layer of stones directly onto the current piece.  So, I made all of the stones last night and baked them, before attaching them tonight with a clear glue.  Any holes and open areas will be filled later with more plants and moss after the resin is cured.

While the glue on the stones was drying, I decided to finish up my koi for the larger pond.  Once they are cool, they will receive their beautiful colors, like their smaller cousins.  These fish are not as tiny as the others in the small pond and were a bit easier to sculpt.

My beautiful cat, Arkham, likes to watch over everything I do and was a constant companion tonight.  It's also because he isn't feeling the best and will probably be having the pleasure of a second vet visit soon to deal with dermatitis issues, but for tonight, he is happily nomming on some wet food.