Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Work Table Wednesday

So, on my work table this week is one of my potential entries for the upcoming State Fair in October.  I entered last year with four different sculptures that I created and I won ribbons in two divisions.

This miniature pumpkin set that I sculpted was the highest of the two ribbons, winning 2nd place in the miniature division.  I was so shocked and ecstatic when I saw that ribbon the opening night of the fair!  I did a happy dance among a crowd of people.

So, after such a fun time last year (though highly stressful because I didn't find out about the fair competitions until a few weeks before the deadlines) I have decided to enter again this year.  I have been brainstorming ideas since June and I have less than 50 days to start really getting some of these ideas into form.

I started the first one a few days ago.

Can you guess what it is?  Hint #1: Those are rocks surrounding it

Hint #2: That shimmery ground is actually achieved using a combination of metallic acrylics and mica powders.

Hint #3: Plants will be added, along with a few animals...

Finally, Hint #4: You would find this in a backyard, garden or park and it will be filled with "water."

That's right!  It's a backyard pond.  After marbelinzing the stones and stacking them around the "dirt," I started really trying to figure out how to do the water effects.  I am actually going to sculpt two test ponds to try out with two different types of resin.  I will be testing out the UV resin that I used in a previous project, as well as a resin that my boyfriend uses when he sculpts his miniatures.

Hopefully this piece will be nearly complete by next Wednesday!  Then, it'll be on to the next State Fair project!