Thursday, August 16, 2012

Work Table Thursday...?

So, I lost a day this week due to a migraine attack.  Now that I am approaching human status once more, I wanted to post one project I've been working on to share with you.

We picked up these great mugs at a local fair several years ago.  A local vendor made their own sodas and rootbeers, so when you purhcased these mugs, you got a discount on refills while at the fair.  We thought the mugs had a great shape and were eager to take them home and get creative.  We picked up a bag of scrap leather pieces and glue.

I LOVE the always cracked me up.

Fast-forward about six years and we finally did something with them.  I stumbled across them, two moves and three apartments later, in the back of a cupboard.  After cleaning them really good, we sat down and started working with them.  My boyfriend decided he wanted a solid color.  I wanted a more "patchwork" mug, though after looking at both of them, I like his solid color much better now. 

I haven't gotten a picture of his mug yet...I think he put it into hiding.  Here is my patchwork mug in progress..