Sunday, April 28, 2013

Cute animals are proven to be great for stress relief

You know how life sneaks up on you and before you know, time slips away and you are sitting there, wondering...what just happened?

That's been us for the past few weeks. 

I work, come home, do more work at home, sleep (maybe)...repeat.

On the weekends, we have had so many obligations, there has been hardly any time to do anything creative. It might be slowing down, but not for another week at least.

So!  I have been painting more Cthuluhs, but do not have pictures yet.  After doing some major cleaning on the house today for a party next weekend, I am hoping I will be able to take a break after work this week and clean.  

But, I did not want to leave you with nothing to I thought I'd share pictures of a day trip we took recently to our favorite donut shop in the entire world, along with a mini animal park.

First, some cute goats from the animal park.  These guys just wanted to cuddle and be fed.  They were so adorable!  I want goats.  Badly.

The park also featured very pretty and flamboyant peacocks!  This guy followed us around with his tail spread, showing off. 

It was a fun trip and a beautifully cool day, so all of the animals were active, which was a great way to spend an afternoon.