Thursday, January 3, 2013

Pirate Crab!

So, my dad requested a special sculpture from me for Christmas. He wanted a pirate blue crab that had taken up residence on Blackbeard's sunken ship.

After baking, before painting:

We brainstormed for quite awhile on all the different options before settling on a crab with an eyepatch and missing claw that was replaced by a fishing hook, of course!

After baking, painting and giving:

Argh...I'll guard yer parents' kitchen table with me broadsword!

Seriously, I forgot to take his picture before wrapping him up and traveling home for Christmas.  So, enter beautiful green tablecloth backdrop :p

Oh, and did I mention my Dad also wanted an oyster..."with attitude"..this one turned out more like a muppet...

But, he had such a hilariously cute expression, I couldn't bear to smoosh him back up into a lump of clay.  That happens sometimes..what you start out creating, might not turn out like you envisioned him...but maybe something better.  He even got a pearl!