Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Belated Happy Friday the 13th!

I do not consider myself a superstitious sort of person.  I have a black cat, I love Halloween and rarely think of bad luck omens.

That being said, I am not a fan of Friday the 13th.  If possible, I would stay at home every time it occurs.  I know a person that actually does that, so I know I'm not alone in this thinking.  Friday the 13th can happen no fewer than once a year, and more more than nine times in a year (2009 was a great example of this).  2010 only has one 13th Friday (woot!) so it has now passed.  Of course, someone backed into my car on this past Friday, then didn't leave me a note.

Ah well.  On the eve of the 13th, I pulled out a four-leaf clover pendant that my Mom had found from a local artist in Kentucky during her travels last year.  I have pondered what to do with the lovely pendant and really wracked my brain on how best to display it.  As I played with it, I started getting a great idea for how to turn it into a necklace.  I had found some great silver leaves and started stringing them with freshwater beige and ivory pearls, Swarovski crystals (golden and green), tigereye, unakite and some jasper beads.  

Below is my creation...I wore it on Friday and had a great day, though it could have been from my determination to have a good day.  Perhaps I should have left it hanging in my car though when I left her alone for five minutes >.<

I hope everyone else had a great day and weekend!