Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl/Work Table Sunday!

(insert standard NFL football music here)

Makes you just want to grab a plate of wings, some very unhealthy dip and plop down to laugh at the ridiculous commericals and watch two teams fight it out for a chance to be Super Bowl Champions!

It doesn't? Oh.  Well, that's okay too!

For us, we are rooting for one team, but really we sit to watch the commercials and have an excuse to eat really unhealthy food. :P

Tonight, the plan is buffalo wings, chili dip, buffalo chicken dip and hash brown casserole.  Wait...I think we are missing something...oh yes, probably a defibrillator.  Maybe I'll throw in a vegetable to make ourselves feel better.  It will probably be breaded too.

But, besides watching two groups of men beating each other bloody, I will also be working on more clay!  I did want to show you a couple of finished or nearly finished projects :)

That's right...more Cthulhus!  The top one is a birthday gift for a friend...I just need to make him a base tonight and finish him up, then he'll be ready to go. :)  I'm only a couple of weeks late at this point.

This little guy is part of my Valentine's Day gift to my boyfriend. Shhh...don't tell.  ;)

I also have several WIPs (Works in Progress) that I have been doing...I started five more sculptures at a meetup on Friday night, while sitting in a coffee shop, surrounded by friends.  It was really fun and helped me not focus so much on the little details, but the overall design. I'm hoping I'll get those further along too, so I can show you on Wednesday.

Have a great night!
(end typical NFL football music with crash of helmets)