Sunday, April 29, 2012

Other Projects

Sometimes, one gets to a point and has to venture out to other mediums.  It helps start the creative juices flowing, allows you to appreciate your fellow artists more and sometimes, you find you like it better.

In my case, I have always enjoyed sketching, but never have felt it was my medium.  I picked up a book at Barnes and Noble recently, demonstrating how to sketch animals using a variety of mediums.  Colored pencils, charcoal, oils, acrylics and even watercolor!  It has wonderful tips, a great breakdown of tools needed and just enough guidance to give you a push.

This is the current project I'm working on from the book...a monarch with colored pencils.  I'm curious to see how it turns out, but was amazed at myself how pretty the wings look...but, I've always been partial to monarchs.

Excuse the poor picture. It is from my phone's camera.