Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Army of Crabs

So, my recent obsession has been making crabs...little polymer hermit crabs.  Tiny crabs, large crabs...

This idea has actually been percolating in my head for years.  I have collected shells for the past 25 years,  whenever I have traveled to Florida and while I lived on the coast for several years.  I collect shells in many different ways, whether it's strolling down the beach during the early morning sunrise with my mom, skin diving with my dad or perusing a local favorite shell shop in St. Augustine with my boyfriend.  
Each experience nearly always brings me to encounter a hermit crab...whether it's being sold in the shell shop or by accidentally picking up a live one in the ocean while diving.  That's always a shock to go through your shell bag on the beach only to realize you have a half dozen crabs clinging to the sides and glaring at you in anger for taking them away from their home.  Ok, so maybe I'm projecting the emotion of "anger" onto a crab, but you have to take those pinchers seriously!

 My love of hermit crabs comes from my mom (and these random encounters with the wild variety).  Mom taught kindergarten for 34 years and for the majority of that time, she had hermit crabs in the classroom.  They became part of the family, especially during the summer months when the current "Kermit" or "Sheldon" would come home.  Our cat, Chaser, was fascinated and would watch the aquarium for hours as the crab clinked around the glass with his shell.

So, all of these experiences blended together, crying out for a way for me to immortalize them in some fashion.  While organizing my storage closet a couple of weeks ago, I found a beaten up toolbox from my grandfather.  When I opened it, I found dozens and dozens of shells, if not hundreds.  I started laying the different varieties on my desk and realized, I could make my own army of crabs!  Not only would I be able to display these beautiful shells collected over the years, I can share my love of the ocean's creatures with others.
I hope you enjoy these latest creations from Bewitching Dreams!