Monday, January 17, 2011

Year of the Rabbit

Chinese New Year is approaching and I have been celebrating this weekend by going to Chinese restaurants and Asian markets, stocking up on wonderful food and partaking in exotic delights.  We have a fabulous Cantonese bakery that made the most airy "Tasty Cupcakes" that I have ever tasted!  They looked like flower pot bread (bread traditionally baked in a terra cotta pot that causes the bread to bake up into a tower), but when you bit into the cake, it was so moist, it tasted as if someone had dipped it into a sugar syrup.

Since this yearis the Year of the Rabbit, I wanted to showcase a few of our Polymer Clay Smooshers wonderful rabbit creations.  By far, our guildmaster, ColtPixy, has the cutest bunny butts of any that I have ever seen.  We frequently giggle when she says she is going to go polish bunny butts...who wouldn't love one of these fellows dangling from their keys?  

Tamed does the most adorable animal creations and this little bunny always tugs at my heartstrings

CreativeCritters has the sweetest harvest bunny with amazing details in all of her garden vegetables that she has gathered for dinner.