Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Another Shopping Trip!

So, I got one of those daily deal emails, offering $40 dollars of supplies at Jerry's Artarama, for only $19.  After much deliberation, I decided that it was a great deal and that it would be worth it.

I love Jerry's.  It's the only local place that I have been able to find large blocks of Premo, along with my very favorite mica powders.  They just expanded their collection of colors recently too, so I never know what I'm going to find when I go into the store!

On this trip, my boyfriend and I decided to split the cost of the daily deal. Out of pocket, we ended up spending only $22 total for the above items. 

I, of course, grabbed the 1lb block of white Premo clay.  I also was able to pickup some brand new Pearl-Ex mica powders.  I cannot wait to try these out, so please stay tuned for new pieces coming soon!

 My boyfriend paints miniatures, so he was able to pick up these beautiful liquid acrylics. (Shh, don't tell him, but I'm going to be snatching a bottle of this for one of my upcoming projects to see how it works) ;)

On the day we went, Jerry's was also running a 20% off on all of their open brushes and paints, so he was able to pick up the above brushes too.  He is very rough with his brushes, so it was a great deal for some really nice ones.

I'm always on the hunt for a good deal.  Locally, Jerry's has fabulous prices and the quality/variety of their products are amazing.  When a daily deal is thrown in, it was definitely the deal of this week!