Saturday, September 18, 2010

Autumn is Fast Approaching...

Last night, I came across a great deal on carving pumpkins at our local Fresh Market.  I was able to get a large pumpkin for only $3.40, with tax!  So, if you have one in your area, you might want to check them out soon for a great deal.  

Of course, as we pulled into the parking lot and I saw that glimmer of orange, I gasped in delight.  My boyfriend then sighed, because as he claims, I have an utter obsession with pumpkins.

I don't deny it.  I love them.  I have no idea why...but they make me happy and I giggle like a child when I see them displayed.

The pumpkin now has a prominent place on the coffee table, away from the pets so it does not get chewed on for now.  I have to protect wants me to protect it.

Now that I have started to get into the spirit, I pulled out all of the Halloween and fall decorations today and began to arrange them around the apartment.  After finally sitting down for the evening, I decided I should actually work on my jewelry.  What better than to use my new coffee table centerpiece for my inspiration?

I carved this pumpkin pendant out of polymer clay.  I love the detail that showed up in the vine.  After I baked it, I painted it very carefully with several coats.  I am very pleased with the finished product.  It has a vintage look to me...